How to transfer your movie and series library from IMDb or Letterboxd

Use these 3 easy steps to transfer your movies and series watchlists from IMDb or Letterboxd to Flickonic. All watchlists will be saved in the order in which they were added.

Step 1

Choose the platform from where you’ll be transferring your watchlists and download the file with your movies and series collection.

From IMDb

  1. Download your Want list. Log in to your profile, click ‘See more’ under ‘Your Watchlist’ button, and then click ‘Export this list’.
  2. Download your Watched list. Go to ‘Your Ratings’, click on ‘Export this list’.

From Letterboxd

  1. Open link to download your movie database. Log in if required.
  2. Click «Import your data» and unzip downloaded archive.

Step 2

Go to Flickonic website and Log in.

Step 3

Upload the file with your watchlists, simply by dragging it over or by clicking the button and press upload. You’re done!

Download the app from the App Store and log in to your profile.