What is Flickonic? 

Flickonic is an entertainment-focused social media app, that aims to provide social value to viewers’ streamed entertainment in a spoiler-free manner. 

Can I stream shows on Flickonic?

You cannot stream shows on Flickonic as we are not a streaming service. The Flickonic app is meant to act as a second screen experience to facilitate your viewing experience. You can:

  • catch up on your favorite shows with our Highlights
  • join the conversation around key plot moments with our Highlights
  • take the show stories beyond the screen by creating content and sharing it directly with your show community.

What if I don’t see Highlights for a show?

We do our best in creating highlights for as many shows as possible. That being said, you can let us know what shows you would like to see by going to your User Profile Settings > “I Want to See Highlights of…”

How do I download Flickonic?

Flickonic is currently available only on the App Store. We are doing our best to release an Android app in the near future.

How do I invite friends to Flickonic?

You can invite friends by going to your User Profile Settings > “Tell a Friend”.