What is Flickonic? 

Flickonic is an entertainment-focused social media app, connecting you to your show communities – instantly. On Flickonic, you no longer need to depend on hashtags, algorithms or building up a following to find others to discuss your shows with and find out what’s being said about them.

Can I stream shows on Flickonic?

You cannot stream shows on Flickonic as we are not a streaming service. The Flickonic app is meant to act as a second screen experience to facilitate your viewing experience. You can:

  • engage with an endless amount of snackable show-related user content based on your show interests
  • hold instant discussions by creating or joining discussions anytime to chat with others from your show communities
  • discover more by seeing what shows are being talked about, what the communities are up to and join trending challenges

How do I download Flickonic?

Flickonic is currently available only on the App Store. We are doing our best to release an Android app in the near future.

How do I invite friends to Flickonic?

You can invite friends by going to your User Profile Settings > “Tell a Friend”.