Top 5 “The Walking Dead” episodes to rewatch

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Any tv series as longstanding as The Walking Dead inevitably has its ups and downs. Here are the top 5 episodes to re-watch.

5. No Sanctuary S5 E1

Taking a darker tone than the rest, the episode explores how some turned to cannibalism after the outbreak.

4. Too Far Gone S4 E8

The episode closes the chapter on the prison, forcing Rick’s group to split. It is the climax of the conflict with the Governor that has been building for two seasons.

3. No Way Out S6 E9

This is a pretty action-packed episode with a shocking plot twist – Carl is critically injured as he is shot in the face.

2. Days Gone Bye S1 E1

More than a decade since premiering, the episode still showcases a post-apocalyptic universe unlike anything we’ve seen before

1. The Grove S4 E14

The episode is all about confronting ugly truths. As our beloved characters enjoy sweeter moments, an unsettling feeling lingers. Carol gives a heartbreaking and masterful performance as she shoots her adoptive daughter after Lizzie murders her own sister.

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