Top 5 “Stranger Things” episodes to rewatch

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With season 4 of Stranger Things returning in a few weeks, here are the top 5 episodes to rewatch.

5. Holly, Jolly S1 E3
The most influential episode of Stranger Things. The signature Christmas-inspired lights that Joyce uses to communicate with Will while he’s stuck in the Upside Down is introduced here.

4. The Battle of Starcourt S3 E8

We finally see the main characters reunite to take down the Mind Flayer, after spending most of the season split into different groups. We also say goodbye to one of the beloved characters.

3. The Upside Down S1 E8
Will is saved, but Eleven disappears. Full of happy and sad moments, we get to see Steve enjoying his first major heroic moment.

2. The Mind Flayer S2 E8
Goth Eleven returns to save all her friends and loved ones from those Demodogs. However, an unlikely hero, Bob, steps up.

1. The Gate S2 E9

The Season 2 finale perfectly showcases a mix of heartfelt moments and heart-stopping action.

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