Top 5 “Better Call Saul” episodes to rewatch

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With the sixth and final season of the AMC series premiering, here are the top 5 episodes of Better Call Saul.

5. Five-O S1 E6

Consider to be the first great “Better Call Saul” episode, it focuses on Mike’s tragic backstory as a corrupt cop in Philly.

4. Winner S4 E10

Jimmy McGill transforms into Saul Goodman and gives us the iconic quote “S’all good, man!”

3. Bagman S5 E8

This is the most “Breaking Bad” this show has ever gotten. It’s action-heavy and thrilling with Jimmy and Mike stranded in the desert.

2. Chicanery S3 E5

A legal drama that is a battle of wits between Jimmy and Chuck. In the end, Chuck reveals his true intentions – leaving the courtroom in stunned silence.

1. Bad Choice Road S5 E9

The penultimate episode of the fifth season gave us one of the tensest scenes in TV history.

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